Project from Sudan

Written on May 13, 2008 – 1:21 pm | by halafawzi

This is the work of students in Computer Science and Information Technology College at University of Sciences and Technology. , Khartoum, Sudan.they took pictures using their mobiles, uploaded them into the computer and then used Windows Movie Maker to produce the project.

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  2.   By Dot, Kuwait on May 13, 2008 |

    This is an excellent example of your work. I hope the students in Kuwait make up a similar one about their university. It is great seeing where you study.

  3.   By halafawzi on May 14, 2008 |

    Thank you, Dot for your words!
    The students will be happy when they read your comment next week!

  4.   By Muhanned on May 14, 2008 |

    Hi all,
    Thank you Dot for your words. We did this job to improve our language and show our teachers that we can teach them about our technologies. So wait for more projects.
    Muhanned, Student of T.Hala Fawzi, Sudan

  5.   By Tia on May 16, 2008 |

    Hello, My name is Tia and I’m from Sacramento, California. I liked the picture of your country because it was interesting things to learn. It made me remember when I watch other country slideshow and they tell what happen in their country. The most interesting thing I learn from your slidershow was library and halls. I liked what your speak English because it make me to understand better. Your English is very goooooood.

  6.   By bleiva2003 on May 16, 2008 |

    Hi Hala and students from UST in Khartoum.

    Great job!!! It was clear, short, well illustrated and narrated. Congratulations!!!

    You showed us how a project can be done using a couple of nice pictures, a good script and enthusiasm to carry it through.

    I wanted to know if you are freshmen, sophomore, if English is a required subject and how many years you study it.

    Regards from Caracas, Venezuela

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